My “Dirty” Secret

I have a secret. It is lurking behind a closed door in my house. It is contained within a room that my children aren’t even allowed to go into. It’s a room that elicits immediate embarrassment when a guest happens to stumble upon it. No, I’m not talking about some kind of a creepy S&M room.

I’m talking about my “Junk Room”.

Feast your eyes on my dirty little secret.
Feast your eyes on my dirty little secret.

The Junk Room: where all things go to die. When we moved into our home 6 years ago this room was an office. Of course, back then we were newlyweds without children and we had no idea what we were going to use 4 whole bedrooms for!!? As we welcomed our daughters into our family this room eventually became a multipurpose office/guest bedroom. And as the chaos of raising small children has unfolded, this room has evolved into a dumping ground of sorts.

It’s the room where birthday decorations, craft supplies, outgrown kid’s clothes, and business receipts end up. It’s a layover for boxes filled with Christmas decorations en route to the attic. It’s Barry the GIANT teddy bear’s bedroom (thanks Grandma and Grandpa…). There are board games we haven’t touched in at least 6 years. There are books collecting dust. Empty diaper boxes are stacked in a corner with the intention of being used to pack up and get rid of some of the stuff. The desk area hasn’t been utilized in several years because we don’t even have the desktop computer connected anymore! Basically, this room is just a mess!

Behold the pile of receipts, leftover birthday party balloons, and Barry the giant bear.
Behold the pile of receipts, leftover birthday party balloons, and Barry the giant bear.

Now, before you go getting all judgy-pants on me…I’m not a slob. No more than anyone else with a couple of small kids anyway, ha! I love having things neat and organized. I recently finished setting up a more stream-lined and organized hallway at out garage door entrance. A place for keys, a place for mail, hooks for coats and bags, and baskets for shoes. I like for everything to have a “home”. Maybe that’s why my Junk Room is such a thorn in my side. It’s where everything without a “home” ends up.

My recent garage entrance makeover.
My recent garage entrance makeover.

The Junk Room has been on my to-do list for at least 3 years. It became an issue right before my youngest daughter was born and I needed the 3rd bedroom for her, thus, 2 unoccupied rooms merged into 1. It isn’t that I never clean it out either. Twice a year I go through and donate unused clothing, toys, and household items. The problem is that stuff keeps coming into the room as fast as I can seem to get it out. And in an effort to keep the rest of my house reasonably clutter free, stuff finds it’s way in there.

So why am I exposing my dirty secret for everyone to see? Because it stops here. I need to come clean, so to speak, in order to force myself to change this. Well, that, and my in-laws are coming into town at the end of the month and they probably don’t want to sleep on a pile of crap! I will, however, keep Barry the GIANT bear in there for them. They are the ones that “blessed” us with his giant furry butt after all.

Do you think I can refer to it as an en suite if I keep this potty in here?
Do you think I can refer to it as an en suite if I keep this potty in here?
photo 1 (2)
Our beloved Barry, courtesy of my in-laws.

So now it’s your turn. Do you have a dirty secret lurking behind one of your closed doors? Perhaps a closet a-la Monica from Friends.

Monica's junky closet.
Monica’s junky closet.

Tell me about your “dirty” secret. Extra points for a picture! I’ll update my progress later in the month.

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2 thoughts on “My “Dirty” Secret

  1. I TOTALLY have one of these rooms. It currently holds boxes and piles of stuff intended for the garage sale that I’ve been putting off since March!! I recently had to put overnight guests in my daughter’s room and make my daughter sleep in the junk room because I was too embarrassed for “company” to see my mess!!

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