Back-to-Preschool Blessing

For many of us the upcoming weeks will bring with them the return of preschool/mother’s day out programs. Whichever side of the fence you fall on (the happily doing cartwheels all the way home from drop-off mom, or the sobbing uncontrollably mom) we could all use a little blessing for back-to-preschool. So I’ve come up with one! Hope you enjoy!

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Back-to-Preschool Blessing

May your tuition be low; May the germs be few. Nobody around has time for the flu!

May there be no tears, and few projects with glitter. May your kid always make it on time to the shitter.

May the parent sign-up sheet always let you bring forks. Who has time to bake?! Must be the dorks.

May the lessons always be understood fully; May your “precious angel” not be the class bully.

May your kids always eat the lunches you pack; May they keep their pants up and cover their crack.

May your kid not be the one full of sass, May they not be “that kid” with uncontrollable gas.

May they learn the proper writing grips, and speak not the bad words they’ve heard from your lips.

May you meet with some friends for child-free lunches, or find time to go to the gym and do crunches.

May your kids happily wear the school clothes you bought; May you love all the teachers that they got.

May they learn; May they grow; May this time be pleasant. There is only a small window we have in the present.

Enjoy it, hug them, laugh and be silly. It’s only a matter of time before Kindergarten, really.

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