Pizza & Waffles

Pizza and waffles. These are currently the only 2 meal options my 3-year-old finds to be acceptable at this time. And not just any waffles. Eggo Nutrigrain Blueberry waffles. And that pizza? It needs to be either Bagel Bites or thin crust Pizza Hut. And don’t you dare cut those pieces too big! It is clearly not even edible unless it’s been cut properly.

In other words, mealtime at my house right now is a complete and total nightmare.

My oldest was a picky toddler as well, but I was at least able to get her to expand her meal options through bribery. (And because the word bribery has gotten such a bad rap in the parenting world, we are going to henceforth refer to it is positive behavior incentives. It just makes it sound like I’m a parent who has her shit together, no? Well, it’s too long to type all that out anyhow, so bribery it is.) Youngest child is completely unshaken by bribery.

“No child has ever starved themselves to death. Feed her what you eat and she’ll eventually eat it.”

Sound advice. It probably works for most children. Not my stubborn mule of a kiddo. If she doesn’t like what’s being served for a meal she’ll just drink her milk and pick at whatever fruit has been served. She can do this for days. I’m sure she won’t starve herself with these “hunger strikes” she goes on, but it can’t be healthy!

So I have just been serving her what we are eating. Eat or don’t, because when I force her to eat it she just throws up all over the table. She chooses not to eat.

So I dedicate this post to all the mamas out there living the food struggle like us. Whether it be nuggets and pb&j, or pizza and waffles. Just know that you are not alone in this struggle. Somewhere out there at a dinner table not too far away is a child screaming into their spaghetti, and a mama taking a very long drink from her glass of wine.

One day they will eat. Until then, we have wine. Stay strong mamas!


2 thoughts on “Pizza & Waffles

  1. Oh yes…..I am also enjoying how she will eat things at school but not at home.

    Heike only eats “orange chips” aka dorritos or pirates booty with any regularity. It’s cereal for most meals for her……perhaps I should try that too! New diet fad?



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